Our understanding of quality

We at Valenco Medical believe that every single patient deserves to be treated with perfect products - to the very last detail. Therefore we exclusivly offer components for surgical instruments

and other medical devices, that meet that claim. With our standard- and small parts we are a reliable partner for our customers to manufacture perfect products in  controlled environements.

certificates and standards

Our products are manufactured in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 13485 standard.

We exclusivly work with maschines and processes with proved capabilities. This enables us to manufacture our components with very tight tolerances validated stabilty.


On time delivery and fast replenishment is a a core capabilty of our supply chain according to Lean principles.

Our engineering department is happy to help when it comes to custom components. From the first CAD-Drawing to the documented transfer to manufacturing and supply planning we do everything to satisfy the special requirements of our customers.

We have a strong network: with our exclusiv manufacturing in Germany and our buffer-warehouse in Switzerland we make sure deliveries are on time and our products have a high availabilty.

<< Standard- and small parts have been outsourcing articles in the regular industry for long, because internal or custom manufaturing for small lots does just not make sense. The time has come that the medical device industry experiences the same development. Valenco Medical makes that step possible without compromising on quality!>>


Lukas Obrist, CEO Valenco GmbH

If you have any questions about our products or services, our team is happy to help!